Putting The Plan In Motion

The Business Sale Process

The process of selling a small business can be significantly more challenging than one probably expects. Certainly a seller trying to “go it alone” without professional representation while simultaneously running a business should find it to be grueling, frustrating, and less profitable overall. On average, from the initial analysis stage to closing, the sale can require 1-2 hours daily for, anywhere from, 6 to 12 months. At Biz-Sell we automate much of this process using our proprietary tools and systems which allow us to be streamline and efficiently responsive to all parties involved in your transaction. Contact us immediately to begin analyzing the potential sale of your business.

1.  Consultation Phase

  • Consultation with Bold Broker
  • Financial Analysis & Valuation
  • Business Owner’s decision to sell
  • Engagement agreement signed

2.  Marketing Phase

  • Information Gathering
  • Marketing strategy developed
  • Marketing kit prepared
  • Identify potential buyers
  • Prospective Buyer screenings
  • Confidential presentation of Business Opportunity Profile
  • Buyer/Seller meeting and facility visit

3.  Negotiation Phase

  • Buyer’s Draft of Initial Purchase Agreement
  • Offer Presentation
  • Counter-offers negotiated (if applicable)
  • Seller & Buyer Agreement
  • Buyer’s Due Diligence
  • Satisfaction/Removal of Contingencies (in some cases after escrow opened)

4.  Closing Phase

  • Escrow opened
  • Lien/Judgment Searches on business
  • Escrow Closes
  • Buyer takes possession
  • Seller completes Buyer training (if applicable)

Upon completing the process, the seller may very well have engaged as many as 3 or more buyers in negotiations to settle on the right one. In reviewing these 4 stages you can trust that you 90% of your transaction may follow this process, but it is important to allow flexibility in this process for nuances related to the sale of your unique business. By arranging a free, no obligation, strictly confidential consultation we can help you build a solid plan for a successful transaction.

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